Workout Wednesday: Child’s Pose For Posture And Pain Relief (50 Second Read)


One of the most common ailments in golf is lower back pain. More people come in to my golf shop looking for Advil than they do divot tools. Because golf puts you in unnatural positions and movements putting strain on your body.

Yoga could be the best exercise for golf. However, don’t doubt weightlifting and golf specific exercises (explained in future posts). Childs Pose, also known as Balasana, does wonders for the back, mind and soul.

Child’s Pose:

  • Relives tension in lower back chest and shoulders
  • Lengthens the spine for great posture
  • Relieves stress and anxiety (first tee jitters)
  • Helps blood circulation throughout the body
  • Other Namaste stuff


To get to Child’s Pose simply start by kneeling on a yoga mat or on the floor. Bring your knees together and rest your butt on your feet. Exhale and slowly rest your torso over your thighs so that your head touches the mat. Do this twice a day and call me in the morning.