Workout Wednesday: Child’s Pose For Posture And Pain Relief (50 Second Read)


One of the most common ailments in golf is lower back pain. More people come in to my golf shop looking for Advil than they do divot tools. Because golf puts you in unnatural positions and movements putting strain on your body.

Yoga could be the best exercise for golf. However, don’t doubt weightlifting and golf specific exercises (explained in future posts). Childs Pose, also known as Balasana, does wonders for the back, mind and soul.

Child’s Pose:

  • Relives tension in lower back chest and shoulders
  • Lengthens the spine for great posture
  • Relieves stress and anxiety (first tee jitters)
  • Helps blood circulation throughout the body
  • Other Namaste stuff


To get to Child’s Pose simply start by kneeling on a yoga mat or on the floor. Bring your knees together and rest your butt on your feet. Exhale and slowly rest your torso over your thighs so that your head touches the mat. Do this twice a day and call me in the morning.

Spot-On Chipping

Chipping can be very intimidating. I notice a lot of beginners and amateurs incorrectly approaching the chip shot. First, they look at where the ball lies. Then, they look at the flag and take the shot hoping to hit it with just the right amount of force to get the ball into the hole.

What I would suggest is, look at where the ball lies. Then, look at the flag. Most importantly, pick a spot in where you want the ball to land. By doing so, you have a fixed target. When chipping, hit the spot that you chose as your target then, let the ball roll towards the hole. This will make your chipping more consistent.

Here is a great drill to practice distance control:

Before you start practicing your chipping, lay four clubs in front of you on the green about a foot and a half apart from each other.


The goal is to land the balls in each section. To utilize this drill efficiently, you must do this in rounds.

Round 1: Land one ball in the first section closest to you before moving to the next.

Round 2: Land two balls in the first section closest to you before moving to the next section and so on until you complete 5 rounds.


Try this drill with a variety of clubs to learn different trajectories. Also, play around with the distance of the four clubs that you lay in front of you. By doing this, you will improve your short game.

Bunker Tips: A Lesson From George Washington

“The bunker shot is the easiest shot in golf. You don’t even have to hit the ball.” – Walter Hagen



Why do we fear the sand? Is it because the bunker is considered a hazard and we automatically associate hazard with a penalty? Results may vary when we panic. Twenty yards over the green from sculling the shot or two feet in front of us from decelerating the swing. This exercise can help you overcome the fear of hitting the ball into the bunker as well as, hitting it out.



Before you toss a few balls in to the sand and start practicing, place a dollar bill or a piece of paper the size of a one underneath the ball. The main objective is to hit two inches behind the ball and follow through. By having the dollar bill there as a guide, you now have something to aim for. The goal is to hit the whole dollar out of the bunker. Simply take the club half way back, make contact just behind the dollar bill and continue to swing the club head underneath it until you reach the end of the dollar. Then without hesitation, swing through and get to a high finish.


Next time you find yourself in a bunker, don’t be scared. Visualize the dollar bill underneath your golf ball and blast it out of there.


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